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Toboggans, also known as sleighs, sleds and sledges, were originally popular as a means of transport or work in many Nordic countries and as early as in ancient Egypt, where they were used to transport the stones for the pyramids over sand.
Today, sledging or tobogganing is one of the most fun activities that a day out in the snow has to offer. However, it is important to know how to be safe on your toboggan...

  1. Only ride your toboggan on the designated toboggan run: Do NOT ride down the hiking paths or ski slopes. The official toboggan run starts near the top station of the cable car.
  2. Sit or lie back on the toboggan and stretch your legs forward. Hold the steering rope in one or two hands.
  3. Children should always sit in the front and be held tightly.
  4. Helmets are mandatory for children under 14 years of age and recommended for everyone else.
  5. Wear goggles or glasses to protect your eyes from the sun and the snow on your way down.
  6. Use gloves to protect your hands from the cold and in case of accidents.
  7. Wear sturdy footwear with thick soles. Do not wear ski boots.
  8. Always check and manage your speed.
  9. If you fall, get off the toboggan run immediately and take your toboggan with you. Walk to the inside of the track. If you see or have an accident, immediately call for help. To find out how, visit the "HELP" section.
  10. Always observe the "traffic" rules, signs and markings. Click here to read more about the FIS international rules on how to be safes on the slopes.

Toboggans and helmets can be rented from the cable car peak station and from the valley station of the Falzeben gondola lift.

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Sit up and, with your knees bent, press both feet flat onto the toboggan run. Keep your feet close to the runners. At the same time, use both hands to hold the steering rope at the front of the toboggan and pull it upwards, i.e. towards you. To brake more quickly, pull the front of the toboggan up to slightly lift it off the ground.
Before reaching a bend, brake and slow down. Head for the outer side of each bend and ride it in a wide angle. Hold the steering rope with the hand facing the outer side of the bend and pull the inner runner towards you. Stretch your other arm out and point it towards the inside of the bend to shift the weight inwards. At the same time, press your outer foot against the sled runner while holding your stretched-out inner leg up in the air.

Sit up in the middle of the toboggan and hold the steering rope with both hands.Adjust the direction by pulling the steering rope inwards and pushing your outer leg against the sled runner.

Be safe and have fun!
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