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Rope Race ∙ Gara di Cordata

Soalrennen - The rope race of Merano 2000

REGISTRATION of the rope racing team

To participate in the rope event, please fill in the form below. 


  • "Family ties" > the rope racing team is made up of 3 people, with at least one child under 16 years, and at least one adult (16+). Parents are liable for their children
  • "Grown ups" > the rope racing team consists of 3 people older than 16 years, with at least one woman and one man (mixed team)
  • "Work Team" > the rope racing team consists of 3 work collegues from the same company, older than 16 years, with at least one woman and one man (mixed team)

The submission was successfull only if you got a confirmation. In case of doubts or problem please contact us: +39 0473 234821


Team data


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3rd team member

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