The hiking area Merano 2000 is closed! Opening: 29.04.2023

Safety measures: lifts and ticket counters

  • We recommend to wear a face-mask inside the Ropeway Merano 2000 and the gondolas of the Falzeben Gondola
  • Min. distance not guaranted on lifts
  • Ropeway, gondola and chairlifts are disinfected regularly
  • Windows of the gondola stay open
  • It is possible to buy tickets online
  • Separated and dedicated areas at the cash desks and entrances to the ropeway and gondolas


Where do I need to wear a mask covering my nose and mouth?

In the cabins of the Ropeway Merano 2000 and the Gondola Falzeben we recommend to wear a face-mask to protect the respiratory tract applies.

Masks can be bought at our cash desks.

Is it possible to buy tickets online?

Yes, you have the possibility to purchase a selection of tickets in advance on our online shop.


Where in the hiking resort can I find disinfectant?

Disinfectant is available in all bathrooms and toilets, at the ticket counters and at the entrance to the ropeway and the gondola.

How many people will be in the ropeway and gondolas or on the chairlifts?

The number of passengers per cabin of Ropeway and Gondola Falzeben is currently reduced by law at 100%.

INFO: We recommend to wear a face-mask that completely covers both your nose and your mouth on all lifts.

Which other safety measures are in place?

The gondolas of the gondola Falzeben must be well-ventilated during the ride: Please help us keep the windows open!
Which other safety measures are in place?
Which other safety measures are in place?

How do I safely access the ropeway or gondola lift?

To avoid crowding to the best possible extent, there will be separated and dedicated areas at the entrances to the ropeway and gondolas, i.e. the buildings and rooms that you'll pass through on your way to the lifts.

Are the lifts disinfected?

The ropeway, gondola and chairlifts are disinfected regularly and thoroughly.

In addition, air disinfection systems have been installed within the ropeway and all indoor facilities and rooms you'll pass through on your way to the ropeway. These systems sterilise:
  • the air inside the indoor waiting areas on a continuous basis
  • and the air within the ropeway after each ride.

Will I have to wait?

During rush hour (going up: 9.30-11.30 AM; going down: 3.00-5.00 PM), catching the ropeway might involve a little bit of waiting or queues at the ticket counters and entrance.

Where can I find out if the resort and its parking spaces are full?

Once the parking lots are full, they will be closed and all newly arriving cars turned away from the valley stations of the ropeway (Val di Nova) and the gondola lift (Falzeben). We recommend travelling to the valley stations by public transport.
Watch this space to find out if the parking lots are full >

Do I have to book my ride on the ropeway, gondola Falzeben or Alpin Bob?

No, there is no need to book your ride in advance.

What if I develop coronavirus symptoms?

If you have a fever (a temperature of 37.5° C or higher) or any symptoms of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, do not leave your accommodation. Do not under any circumstances attempt to catch a lift at Merano 2000.

Similarly, if you have flu-like symptoms, do NOT go to the hospital or attempt to see a doctor. Instead, stay in your room and call the coronavirus helpline of the Italian Ministry of Health at +39 1500 to find out what to do next.

Which safety measures apply in gastronomical business at Merano 2000?

The same safety regulations apply in the gastronomical business at Merano 2000 as in the bars and restaurants.

Safety measures: staff

Are staff trained and kept up-to-date on all coronavirus-related safety measures?

Absolutely: All our staff are trained, instructed and kept up-to-date on the coronavirus-related safety measures according to uniform guidelines and regulations.

Do we monitor the health of our staff members?

Yes, all staff members of Funivie Merano 2000 Spa are daily controlled about their health and physical well-being is checked and monitored on a daily basis. If anyone is suspected to have contracted coronavirus, they will be tested again and isolated immediately.
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