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Winter at Merano 2000

The Merano 2000 family ski area impresses with plenty of sunny days, a variety of recreational activities and huts for families and first-time skiers. Discover Merano 2000 with the new FuniCard Merano and Environs.

40 km sunny slopes for winter enthusiasts and families

The Merano 2000 family ski area is cut out for first-time skiers. Children, families, recreational skiers and beginners value the ski and hiking area beneath the Ivigna mountain for its straightforwordness and variety, and also for its advantageous family tickets, progressive skipass pricing and special tickets.

On 40 km of varied intermediate-level slopes, freeriders, carvers and snowboarders can enjoy the wide runs. In winter, the „sunny terrace of Merano“ is also a popular destination with snowshoers, ski tourers, cross-country skiiers and tobogganers.

Winter experiences

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Marker at the ski area Merano 2000, South Tyrol, Italy

at Merano 2000

The Merano 2000 family ski area is the ideal holiday destination for beginners, families, and all skiing newcomers. The high plateau is also unrestrictedly accessible for physically disabled winter enthusiasts.

In addition to a wide range of family activities, the Merano 2000 ski area above Merano is also known for its barrier-free handicapped access, allowing disabled guests to enjoy this winter sports region. As a recent study by the Social Cooperative independent L. confirms Merano 2000 and the Merano 2000 Cable Car are well suited to visitors with disabilities. The cable car cabins are provided with ground-level boarding ramps, and the summit station is

equipped with an elevator that provides access to the new Panorama Bistro. Thus, the Merano 2000 ski area is a popular training area for winter sport athletes with disabilities. Every year the skiing section of the Merano Sports Club holds competitions for skiers with disabilities. The associations "Freunde der Behinderten" and "Amici degli Handicappati" (Friends of the Disabled) train here regularly with the Merano 2000 Ski School.

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