Weather & <br> snow condition

Weather &
snow condition

Weather at Merano 2000

Current weather data

Further development

On Monday the sky will be very cloudy with precipitation arriving from the south later in the day.Variable weather also on Tuesday. Clouds will prevail with some precipitation in the south. The snow line will rise to around 1500 m.On Wednesday also unstable conditions with some precipitation. Partly sunny weather and generally no precipitation is expected on Thursday.
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Snow report

Actual data snow height

quantity sNOWFALL
last snowfall
current snow height
1.600 m - Falzeben in Avelengo
35 cm
77 cm
2.000 m - Summit station Piffing
40 cm
83 cm
2.300 m - Kesselberg
45 cm
122 cm
Avalanche reports

Avalanche reports

Always read the forecast before setting off

Mountains can be dangerous – even in and around a ski resort.

With many steep, wind scoured slopes and ridges at the far end of the ski resort, there are several danger zones at Merano 2000. Whenever the resort is open, a team of experts carries out a hazard analysis and decides whether any avalanches need to be triggered in a controlled setting. When the resort is closed, however, it is not possible to regularly check the terrain and trigger any potentially dangerous snowpack. During that time, all access to the ski resort is therefore strictly prohibited.

Whenever you leave the slopes, please be aware that you are entering into open, uncontrolled terrain – meaning that you should be both well-equipped and well-informed. All access is at your own risk and responsibility.

Please remember: Always carefully read the latest avalanche report and forecast before you set off!

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