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Moving stories
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Back then there weren’t that many leisure opportunities for young people. However, the youth section of the Alpine Club offered exactly what they were looking for: sport, experiences and adventure.
Where “our” pros<br>most like to train

Where “our” pros
most like to train

With long running and hiking routes in summer and varied ski slopes in winter, Merano 2000 boasts the perfect conditions for effective outdoor training and a wide range of experiences in nature.
First rays <br> of the sun

First rays
of the sun

Anyone who loves the mountains and nature should experience a sunrise hike once in his life. The magical light of the early morning bestows truly memorable moments.


In a magnificent contrast of colours, bright pink and red patches of Alpenrose shrubs dot the entire landscape from beneath the snow-covered mountain peaks all the way down to the lush green meadows.
An adventure <br> day outdoors

An adventure
day outdoors

Who can you meet at the Outdoor Kids Camp on Meran 2000? Ambitious climbers, curious naturalists and concentrated acrobats. Here the little ones train their abilities easily.
Hidden Treasures <br> under the Ivigna

Hidden Treasures
under the Ivigna

Anyone who takes the modern cable car up into the Merano 2000 skiing and hiking resort will find it hard to guess at the geological treasure trove that they are passing over.
Heroes <br> of the Night

of the Night

When the final skier has glided away from the pistes, that’s when the engines in the Merano 2000 ski resort really run hot and Fritz Erschbamer jumps into his Leitwolf.
Hiking at Merano 2000: small steps, endless fun

Hiking at Merano 2000: small steps, endless fun

A family of four on an exciting hiking tour on Merano 2000: a real adventure. When you're out and about hiking, the journey is quite a reward in itself. And the kid's absolute favourite: the Outdoor Kids Camp.
Snow <br> is my passion

is my passion

Omar Visintin talks about his beginnings and his passion. Since he was a child, his greatest passion has always been the snow and all the things it allows him to do onhis board.
2 Summits - <br>made easy

2 Summits -
made easy

Simply changing our perspective, marvelling at the panorama. Everyday life recedes far into the background, problems feel smaller, the blood flows more vigorously through our veins.
Tobogganing <br> on hot runners

on hot runners

The wind in your hair and a feeling of happiness – when the snow-covered trees rush past, you’ll feel for a moment as if you had been sent back to your childhood.
First the clambering, <br> then the break

First the clambering,
then the break

Climbing striking rocky outcrops and challenging terrain, then proudly stand at the summit cross - climbing gives you the feeling of having conquered the mountain.
In the breath <br> of winter

In the breath
of winter

With snowshoes on your feet, a feeling of effortlessness in your rucksack and your mobile phone switched to flight mode. Conquer the mountains - this short break will be wonderful.
Off to <br> the slopes

Off to
the slopes

You can see all the glowing red cheeks whizzing over the ski slopes, the laughing eyes and tight calves, but you, yourself, can sadly only watch on. But you are never too old to learn or start all over again.
Last-Minute <br> Experiences


Instead of material gifts, perhaps we should be giving precious time and shared memories. With this five fantastic last-minute gifts the gifted person will remember it for a long time.
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