The skiing and hiking area is closed! See you for the Winter Opening, thursday 8th december 2022
Ski tours on Merano 2000 in South Tyrol

at Merano 2000


Feel the powder snow crunching under your skis. Let the tangy fresh mountain air tickle your every fibre and the sparkly new snow dazzle your senses. Revel in the unforgettable panoramic views of South Tyrol's snow-capped summits...

Grab your skis, strap on your touring skins and climb the steep hiking trail leading to the Rifugio Kuhleiten inn, crossing stunningly beautiful winter landscapes. You'll be rewarded with heart-warming hospitality and views that are out of this world.



Code of conduct

  • Ski touring is exclusively permitted during the above-mentioned times and on the designated route or on the winter hiking trails.
  • The ascent on ski slopes and toboggan tracks is legally forbidden and punishable.
  • The crossing of a ski slope requires particular caution.
  • All snow vehicles have right of way; maintain a large distance at any time.
  • Always wear headlights and reflective clothing.
  • On thursday and friday evenings the descent must be completed before 23:00.
  • The use of all trails and slope sections is at the ski tourer’s own responsibility and risk.


  • Check below the status of the trail: Closed = the trail is not accessibile. Open = we wish you a nice day in the mountains.
  • during the day and only during the operating hours of the ski resort
  • only on natural snow and along the hiking trail
To concern the security of the hosts, the preparation work will be postponed till 11 pm and remedied with the staff in the night.

  • length: 6 km
  • difference in altitude: 752 m
  • time required to go up: 1.5-2 hours
  • trails: Falzeben > 14 > 18 (just after passing mountain hut Parete Rossa) > 18A > 19A > mountain hut Kuhleiten (due to the meteorological conditions, we recommend to start at the mountain station "Piffing)

The ski touring route to Rifugio Kuhleiten starts at Falzeben and runs along the hiking trail, past the new water reservoir Wallpach to Rifugio Parete Rossa and continues on the middle path, which leads to the Rifugio Waidmann Alm, where it takes a left towards the magically picturesque chapel of St Oswald and on to Rifugio Kuhleiten.

Only thursdays and fridays: The skitouring route to Rifugio Kuhleiten remains open for night-time ski tours from 17:30 to 23:00 only on thursdays and fridays. For the safety of our night-time skiers, the slope grooming works on this route will be suspended until 23:00 pm, after which the grooming team will start getting the pistes ready for the next day. It is therefore absolutely vital that all ski tourers have left the area by 23:00 pm. All use of the route is at the skiers' own risk.

Please note: The ski slopes and toboggan runs are off-limits and strictly forbidden for hikers and ski tourers. Entering them is prohibited by law and subject to hefty fines.
Avalanche reports

Avalanche reports

Always read the forecast before setting off

Mountains can be dangerous – even in and around a ski resort.

With many steep, wind scoured slopes and ridges at the far end of the ski resort, there are several danger zones at Merano 2000. Whenever the resort is open, a team of experts carries out a hazard analysis and decides whether any avalanches need to be triggered in a controlled setting. When the resort is closed, however, it is not possible to regularly check the terrain and trigger any potentially dangerous snowpack. During that time, all access to the ski resort is therefore strictly prohibited.

Whenever you leave the slopes, please be aware that you are entering into open, uncontrolled terrain – meaning that you should be both well-equipped and well-informed. All access is at your own risk and responsibility.

Please remember: Always carefully read the latest avalanche report and forecast before you set off!


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