The Cableway Naifjoch 10-seater begun operating in the 2022/2023 winter season. This modern lift replaces the 30-year-old Piffing fixed-grip chairlift. The lift is built on a slightly modified route and has a mid-station with an accessible roof terrace.

37 spacious cabins each for 10 people will carry winter sports lovers in a little over 6 minutes from the Piffinger Köpfl/Merano 2000 mountain station area to the upper reaches of the ski resort. The Naifjoch slope, which has been used in the past, has been reactivated from the Naifjoch middle station to the valley station. In parallel to this, part of the existing ski trail will be modelled so that the lifts on the Piffinger Köpfl can be reached with ease. As an alternative to using the ski trail, in future the return journey can be made in comfort with the gondola lift from the Waidmann Alp to the mid-station. From there skiers can follow the new Naifjoch slope to the Merano 2000 cable car mountain station, the Naifjoch lift valley station or down to Falzeben.

In summer the Cableway Naifjoch offers hikers a quick, comfortable and barrier-free way of accessing the Naifjoch and enjoying the spectacular 360º panoramic views available from there. There are unimpeded views of the local mountain, the Ifinger, from the Texel Group to the Ortler region, and across the Merano valley basin as far as the Dolomites and the Sarntal Alps - simply fabulous!

Gently integrating the middle station on the Naifjoch into the landscape was a key concern of Bergbahnen Meran 2000 AG from the very start. In addition to implementing the physical structures for the middle station, the key feature of the architectural planning competition was its focus on carefully integrating the facilities into the natural landscape. The project proposal from ARTEC Architekten Wien | Vienna convincingly rose to this challenge and ultimately came out the winner.
By lowering the boarding level, adjusting the elevation to a uniform level with the nearest pillars, aligning the lift station with the contour of the summit plateau and linking the viewing terrace on the roof with the natural topography, the new station will be harmoniously integrated into the existing natural landscape.

In its assessment, the jury particularly emphasised how the winning project took the risk of lowering the zero quota as far as possible, in the full knowledge that, as far as the landscape was concerned - especially during the construction phase - this would entail significant additional effort. It was unanimously agreed that this would result in reducing the visibility of the station and mitigate the impact of the structure in the long term. The jury also praised and acknowledged the fact that the winning proposal consciously avoided dynamic architecture and focused on a landscape-friendly approach.

The new route brings guests in winter from the Piffinger Köpfl/ Meran 2000 mountain station, up to the mid-station Naifjoch and further to the inner area of the skiresort, close to the mountain hut Waidmann. From the mid-station Naifjoch, an already used slope, has been reactivated and leads from the middel station to the Merano 2000 mountain station, and down to the valley station Falzeben.

In summer only the section from the Naifjoch valley station to the middle station will operate. Hikers, can access the Naifjoch, enjoy the spectacular 360º panoramic view and start from there their excursions.


  • Type of lift: Detachable 10-seater gondola lift
  • Manufacturer: Doppelmayr
  • Cableway planner: Ing. Dr. Massimo Calderara
  • Mid-station architecture: ARTEC Architekten | Wien | Vienna
  • Year of construction: 2022
  • Build time: 8 months (April – December 2022)
  • Number of pillars: 17
  • Number of cables: 1
  • Number of cabins: 37


The new “OMEGA V” range of premium cabins from CWA, a Swiss company in the Doppelmayr Group, permit barrier-free access during the summer months, thus allowing total accessibility for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

The interior atmosphere is new and unique since the modern cabin furniture allows unobstructed panoramic views of South Tyrol’s mountains. The comfortable, ergonomically designed individual seats offer maximum enjoyment for both young and old.
Barrier-free skiing fun

The new Cableway Naifjoch has been optimised in its accessibility by the purchase of four so-called Monorollys. These connecting pieces on wheels allow monoskiers to get on and off the gondolas of the new Cableway Naifjoch without any problems.

Monorollys are three-wheeled transfer pieces that are fitted with ski bindings, and on which disabled athletes can move on wheels for the ride in a gondola. To do this, the binding part of the monoski is detached from the runners and clamped into the transfer piece. The athletes can thus use the cabins without having to leave the seat shell.

For monoskiers, this opens the possibility of reaching ropes in the back area of the ski resort. The transfer pieces are stationed at the valley station of the Cableway Naifjoch throughout the season and can be used freely.
Reach your leisure time easily.
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