Trailrunning Camp Meran 2000

Trailrunning Camp Meran 2000

Do yu enjoy being out in nature and already have some trail running experience? Then the Trailrunning Camp Meran 2000 is just right for you: together with professional athletes, you will learn techniques for up- and downhill and to run efficiently and safely in the terrain, as well as useful tips on the use of poles and in relation to training planning and regeneration.

Over the course of three days in September, will be planned different runs together demostrating tips and techniques.


Running clothing
Trailrunning shoes with a suitable sole for the terrain
Trail pack with first aid equipment
Running poles
Food supply (drinks, gels, bars)

Further information will follow soon.
When? September 2024
Where? Merano 2000
What? Trailcamp at Merano 2000
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