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Tobogganing <br> on hot runners

on hot runners


The wind in your hair and a feeling of happiness – when the snow-covered trees rush past, you’ll feel for a moment as if you had been sent back to your childhood, to sledging with red cheeks and sparkling eyes.

In the Merano 2000 ski resort, fans of tobogganing will be delighted by the three kilometre-long natural toboggan run. Your descent begins at the mountain station at 2,000 metres above sea level, near the Piffinger Köpfl. From there it runs rapidly downhill through the winter forest punctuated by bends that demand a certain amount of skill. Until finally after half an hour of tobogganing fun it ends at the Gondola Falzeben. Once they reach the bottom, the first thing that everyone thinks is: let’s do it again!
On the trip back up the mountain you can relive your sled ride and look forward even more to the next one. This winter adventure is especially good with the family or in a group with your best friends. And it is twice as much fun in sunny winter weather when the sunshine warms your cold noses.

You can rent all the equipment you need, such as protective helmets and toboggans, in Falzeben or conveniently at the Merano 2000 mountain station.
Tobogganing <br> on hot runners
Tobogganing <br> on hot runners
And have no fear, you don’t need to be a toboggan pro.
Every Friday afternoon there is a free toboggan course. A former luger passes on tips and tricks for tobogganing safely and correctly. Even tobogganing has to be learned. No registrations are necessary, you just need to be at the top of the run at 1 pm.

5 tips for safe tobogganing:

  • Pay attention to the equipment: helmet (mandatory for under 18s, but always recommended), gloves, ski goggles, sturdy footwear (tall mountain boots with solid soles are ideal - don’t go tobogganing in ski boots!); a good toboggan is important too!
  • Never go tobogganing on the ski slopes, instead only on the signposted toboggan run (starts at the cable car mountain station);
  • Pay attention to others, only set off when the toboggan run is clear so that you can ensure there is enough distance between you and the person in front (at least eight metres)!
  • Do not ride too fast and brake early: always before a bend; to brake put your feet down flat and close to the runners and press on the ground, pull hard on the steering rope.
  • If you have a crash, clear the toboggan run as quickly as possible.
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Back then there weren’t that many leisure opportunities for young people. However, the youth section of the Alpine Club offered exactly what they were looking for: sport, experiences and adventure.
Where “our” pros<br>most like to train

Where “our” pros
most like to train

With long running and hiking routes in summer and varied ski slopes in winter, Merano 2000 boasts the perfect conditions for effective outdoor training and a wide range of experiences in nature.
First rays <br> of the sun

First rays
of the sun

Anyone who loves the mountains and nature should experience a sunrise hike once in his life. The magical light of the early morning bestows truly memorable moments.
Reach your leisure time easily.
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