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The sun-soaked hiking resort of Merano 2000 is an irresistible invitation to swap the bustling city for a day out and in the mountains of Merano. 
A number of hiking trails with breath-taking vistas run from Falzeben and Pivigna all the way to the remote, solitary San Pancrazio lake. Other stunning summits include Kuhleiten (2363 m), Kesselberg (2300 m), Mittager (2422 m), Passo della Croce and the Stoanerne Mandln (Stone Men), a spectacular hilltop plateau covered in head-high, human-shaped rock towers. From the small mountain-top chapel dedicated to Oswald of Northumbria to the Missensteiner mountain pass, Merano 2000 has countless powerful places of great energy in store for anyone in need of a peaceful time-out to recharge the batteries and let the mind, body and soul relax.


Falzeben - Mountain station Piffing 40-60 min. - 350 m 2.000 m 14 DETAILS 
Middle station - Scena 4 h  11,5 km 1.040 m - 40  DETAILS 
Mountain station - Ivigna 3 h  580 m  2.581 m  3-19A-19  DETAILS 
Mountain station - Mittager  2,5 h  500 m  2.422 m  18A-Chairlift-13A  DETAILS 
Mountain station -  Pancrazio Lake 2,5 h  300 m  2.138 m 3-3A-E5  DETAILS 
Mountain station - Stoanerne Mandln  4-5 h  300 m  2.086 m  18A-4/E5-23 DETAILS 
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The Stone Men

The Stoanerne Mandln is a special place. Numerous legends and ancient stories tell of Celtic cult rituals or witch dances from the year 1540. At this viewpoint you can really feel the magic and travel with the imagination to past and mysterious times.

Swimming in the
S. Pancrazio lake

It first needs some overcoming, then it tickles properly on the skin. A jump into the ice-cold water of the lake of San Pancrazio clearly stimulates the blood circulation and will be remembered for a long time.

Mittager 360°

Between the Ortler Group and the Dolomites is the Mittager with its 2.442 m altitude and its breathtaking panoramic view. Here you can let your gaze wander, breathe in the mountain air and recharge your batteries.

Mount Ivigna

There are several ways to get to the cross at Mount Ivigna - the feeling at the summit is always the same. Feelings of freedom come up after a via ferrata tour, a hike over the St. Oswald Church or the exposed south-west degree. A must: the Kuhleiten Alpine Hut, where friendliness is at home.

Get out at the middle station and
stop by at Gsteier

Take the Ropeway Merano 2000 to the worth seeing middle station, from there walk steeply over the meadows to the mountain hut Gsteier. There you have to stop and try one of the house delicacies. Continue to Scena, to the mountain station or back to the valley station of the Ropeway.

yet exciting

A cosy round from Falzeben to the mountain station Merano 2000, where fun and adventure await the children as a reward. Half the way down to the valley is shortened by an adrenalin-filled downhill run with the Alpin Bob.

Overview of
Merano 2000

Hiking trails, summits, view points, mountain huts, all easy to find with the help of our map.
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