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The trails range from easy to moderately difficult hikes, from loops and panoramic trails all the way to challenging summit treks with secured and partially secured via ferrata climbing. 

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The Mountain Hut Hike at Merano 2000 is a unique experience. This simple walk is even doable with a trekking stroller. First, take the Ropeway from Merano — or drive to Falzeben and take the cable car to the mountain station at Piffing. The actual hike starts here.

The first mountain hut is right along the trail: the Pfiffinger Köpfl. From there, take Trail No. 3 to Waidmann Alm, then Kirchsteiger Alm or continue on to the Meraner Hütte mountain hut. Continue along a pleasant hiking trail to the Rotwandhütte mountain hut. Frome there, hikers can either return to Piffing or walk to Falzeben via the Zuegghütte mountain hut. After arriving at Falzeben, you can head to the car or go back to Piffing, either via the endless loop cableway or on foot to the mountain station of the Ropeway.

The innkeepers in Merano’s recreation area offer high-quality regional cuisine, delicious local specialities, and homemade juices. The Mountain Hut Hike offers unique viewing platforms and excellent places to stop for a bite to eat, where you can sit out on the sun terrace and unwind.

Time: 2 -3 hours

  • Height: ca. 280 - 400m
  • Huts: Restaurant Falzeben, Restaurant Panorama, Panoramabistro Merano 2000, Piffinger Köpfl, Waidmannalm, Kirchsteigeralm, Meranerhütte, Rotwandhütte
  • 7-9 km
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This segment of the long-distance hiking trail that runs from Bodensee Lake to the Adriatic Sea, leads across the plateau of the holiday region of Avelengo, Verano and Merano 2000. The E5 runs from Timmelsjoch Pass through South Tyrol, across the entire region of Meraner Land and on to Bolzano/Bozen.There are great lodging options at Meran 2000 for hikers, such as the Meranerhütte mountain hut or the Kirchsteiger hut.

Telescopes - Along the way, there are several telescopes installed which afford spectacular views of the beautiful peaks of the Dolomites. Even the areas around Mount Ortler and the Texel Mountains are visible from here.

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This short hike to the Zuegg Hütte and Rotwand Hütte mountain huts is particular attractive for families and is a good introductory holiday hike. The route starts at the Falzeben parking area in Avelengo. From there, it ascends slightly along Trail No. 14, taking about 35 minutes to reach the Zuegghütte. After another ten minutes or so, families and recreational hikers will reach the Rotwand Hütte. Both mountain huts have large playgrounds.

  • Time: about 35 minutes
  • Height: about 200 m
  • Huts: Restaurant Falzeben, Restaurant Panorma, Zuegg Hütte, Rotwand Hütte
  • 1.4 - 2.2 km
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Mount Ivigna, the local mountain of Scena and Avelengo, is a huge granite rock towering at 2,581 m asl. It is located in the Merano 2000 skiing area and can be climbed from Val Sarentino, Falzeben above Avelengo, and also Scena.

The normal route from Avelengo and Val Sarentino leading up to slightly below the summit is rather easy. The Ropeway Merano 2000 takes you to nearly 2000 m asl, from where you can reach the minor Mount Ivigna via the Kuhleitner alpine pasture.


The ascent from Scena, however, is more challenging. The summit of Mount Ivigna (2,581 m), compared to its minor neighbour (2,522 m asl) is more challenging and and can only be climbed via the rather exposed south-west ridge. However, once the top of the mountain is reached, you are compensated by a fabulous 360°view of the Zillertal and Ötztal Alps, the Gruppo di Tessa, and up to the Dolomites.

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This panoramic trail with far-reaching views of the Dolomites is an easy yet spectacular hike leading from the summit station of the Merano 2000 Cable Car to the high-elevation Mittager Hütte mountain hut. The trail runs from Piffing along Trail No. 3 to the Kirchsteiger Alm and then take the lift up to Mittagerhütte. The walk from Piffing to Mittagerhütte takes about 2 hours and the altitude difference is about 500 meters.

Variants: For the return trip, there are several options. A trail leads from the Mittagerhütte mountain hut to the Meranerhütte and Rotwandhütte and then to Piffing, or from Rotwandhütte to Zuegghütte and then to Falzeben. Another option is to start at the Mittagerhütte and head towards Maiser Alm, then to Moschwald Alm, and on to Falzeben.

  • Time: 2 hours and 10 minutes
  • Height: 500 m
  • Huts: Piffinger Köpfl, Waidmannalm, Kesselberghütte, Mittagerhütte
  • 6.5 km
Merano 2000, winter, panoramic trail, hike, hiking, view, Dolomites, mountains, sunshine, landscape, snow, family, friends, kids, children, good time
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