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Rope Race ∙ Gara di Cordata

10 March 2019 ∙ Kesselberg slope ∙ Merano 2000


It’s “holding on tight together" that counts!

A traditional fun race where (almost) anything is allowed – what matters is holding on together and having fun!

It is run in teams of three, in the "Grown ups""Family ties" and "Work Team" categories. Three racers, connected by a rope, master a simple giant slalom route, to reach the finishing line together.

On the podium: The winning team, which is closest to the average time, as well as the fastest and the slowest team. It’s nostalgic, fancy and a bit quirky – just like your ski outfit if you so wish...

The Merano Ski Club and the Merano 2000 ski area have revived an old tradition and bid farewell to winter with music, fun and good spirits.

Soalrennen - das Gaudi-Rennen auf Meran 2000


  • What: Giant slalom in a team of three
  • When: Sunday, 10 March 2019
  • Where: Kesselberg slope


  • 9-10 AM: Start numbers given out at Kesselberg mountain hut (15€ deposit for each race number)
  • 10.30 AM: The "Family ties" category rope race, followed by the "Grown ups" and the "Work Team"
  • 4-6 PM: Distribution of awards in the Panorama Room at the Ropeway mountain station


In bad weather, the rope race will take place on Sunday, 17 March.



  • "Grown ups" > the rope racing team consists of 3 people older than 16 years, with at least one woman and one man (mixed team). PRICE by TERME MERANO >
  • "Family ties" > the rope racing team is made up of 3 people, with at least one child under 16 years, and at least one adult (16+). Parents are liable for their children. PRICE by LUIS TRENKER >
  • "Work Team" > the rope racing team consists of 3 work collegues from the same company, older than 16 years, with at least one woman and one man (mixed team). PRICE by SPORTLER ALPIN >


  • Skiers and snowboarders
  • Beginners and experts
  • Children and adults, women and men, girls and boys, any religion, any origin, any affiliation, who love Merano 2000


  • Good mood
  • A rope: Minimum length 15 m, maximum length 25 m, minimum diameter nylon rope 10 mm 
  • It’s nostalgic and a bit quirky – so your ski outfit can be too if you so wish...

SELECTION OF WINNERS – there are 3 prizes for each category:

  • The best prize for the team, which is closest to the average time
  • The speedy prize for the fastest team
  • The snail prize for the slowest team
Soalrennen - Die 3er Seilschaft am Start
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