An adventure
day outdoors

Who can you meet at the Outdoor Kids Camp on Meran 2000? Ambitious climbers, curious naturalists and concentrated acrobats. Here the little ones train their cognitive and coordinative abilities easily. The Kuhn family spent a whole day on the mountain and in the children's area.
"Mom, Dad, look which one of us is faster!" Excitedly Mara and Ivan scramble over the logs, speed down the tunnel slide and arrive breathless. "This time Mara was one second faster," I say, but they're already running to the jigsaw course. It's been two hours now: Our kids literally explore every corner of the Outdoor Kids Camp, while Martin and I can keep an eye on them from the family loungers.

Learning by playing, playing safely
We are here for the second time in the Kinderland on Meran 2000. The anticipation was written in the children's faces for at least a week. Why did we like to come here again? The camp is easily accessible by cable car, all equipment is safe and built with natural materials and the children learn something new at every play station. Oh yes, and we parents enjoy sunbathing immensely. "Mara, Ivan! Come and have a drink," says Martin. The exhausted adventurers are already strolling along.
An adventure <br> day outdoors
An adventure <br> day outdoors
Where variety is guaranteed
"Why don't you tell me: What do you like most about the Outdoor Kids Camp?" I ask Mara and Ivan. "The trampolines! "The marble run!" "Or maybe the big swing after all?" Laughing at their own indecision, they turn to their dad and take a break between all the romping around. Immediately afterwards they take us by the hand. "Mama, will you help me over the slackline," says Ivan. And Mara shouts: "And you must try out the Alpine Bob with me, Dad! I don't dare to go alone". All right, let's go - here at the Outdoor Kids Camp even the grown-ups might become children again!
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About the history and customs of the church day at St. Oswald's Church, which is deeply rooted in the population, as well as about St. Oswald and his importance in the pastoral economy.
Leisure Area & Habitat

Leisure Area & Habitat

The alpine scenery at Merano 2000 features picturesque alpine pastures, whose natural cultivation is not only a tradition, but also active landscape conservation.



Back then there weren’t that many leisure opportunities for young people. However, the youth section of the Alpine Club offered exactly what they were looking for: sport, experiences and adventure.
Reach your leisure time easily.
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