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First the clambering, <br> then the break

First the clambering,
then the break

Climbing striking rocky outcrops and challenging terrain, then proudly stand at the summit cross - climbing gives you the feeling of having conquered the mountain. On the Heini Holzer via ferrata at Ifinger, the young couple Klara and Manuel experienced exactly that. The adventure was perfectly rounded off with a cosy brunch at the Kuhleitenhütte.
"You should be free of vertigo," says Klara, "but otherwise the Heini Holzer via ferrata is really good to manage, which brings a little stamina with it." She and her partner Manuel have just finished the descent and sit together with their guide and the other climbers over a rich brunch.

The group left early in the morning at six o'clock. "We were immediately thrilled to tackle the via ferrata together with a guide. He knew the way inside out and could tell us all kinds of exciting things about the surroundings. We borrowed the via ferrata set conveniently from the Stricker shop at the mountain station," explains Manuel.
First the clambering, <br> then the break
First the clambering, <br> then the break
A safe, promising climbing route
The via ferrata, which leads over one kilometre to the summit of Ifinger, has not been around for too long: it was opened in 2016 and dedicated to the alpinist Heini Holzer, the father of steep-wall skiing. Klara tells us enthusiastically about the tour: "It took us around three hours to climb it. Basically, I would classify the degree of difficulty as mediocre, although there were already some more difficult passages among them.

For example, the so-called angel's edge, which is located in the last part of the via ferrata. However, all difficult places were defused by kicks. "In addition, the entire route is secured with a steel rope, which you can use to secure yourself," says Manuel. "To stand on top of the summit, to feel the fresh wind in your face and to enjoy the farsightedness is simply indescribably beautiful. We will definitely come back", they agree.
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