With the beginning of the warmer seasons, the city of Merano/Meran seems to be under a mesmerising spell. And while the valleys start filling with fragrant summer air as early as in May and June, the mountains, too, have a truly dazzling spectacle in store: In a magnificent contrast of colours, bright pink and red patches of Alpenrose shrubs dot the entire landscape from beneath the snow-covered mountain peaks all the way down to the lush green meadows.

The exact moment at which this native Rhododendron species blossoms depends on the temperatures, the rainfall and the amount of snow there is throughout March and April. And because it's a bit of a surprise every year, it takes a little luck to guess when it will happen – but the wait is absolutely worth it. When the first "alpine roses" lift their little heads up into the invigorating mountain air, they herald a whole new hiking season, painting a vibrant landscape to explore.
Their striking looks have earned them quite a reputation: Almrausch, one of the German names of this evergreen shrub, loosely translates as a drunk-like state of inebriation on a high-altitude meadow – and many of those who have witnessed the marvel of blooming snow-roses on the pastures of Merano 2000 have in fact been known to feel a little tipsy from so much natural beauty. But the Alpenrose is not only stunning to look at, it also smells wonderful. So much so that it is among the most popular flowers of the Alps, together with gentians and the edelweiss.

But beware: These Alpine beauties can be quite poisonous! If ingested, they can cause stomach cramps and abdominal pain, and an overdose can even lead to cardiac arrest – so perhaps we should leave it to experienced homeopaths to make this toxic rose "fit" for human consumption.

Admiring them from a respectful distance is safe and rewarding enough as it is. And all you have to do to get a glimpse of the blushing belles is come and see us: The pastures of Merano 2000 are filled to the brim with the spell-binding plants.
The evergreen Alpenrose shrub is easily overlooked when its radiant flowers aren't in bloom, which makes their splendour all the more astonishing once they unfold their elegant beauty in early summer.
They can live up to 100 years, are very resilient and need nothing but rain, some mountain sun, nutrients from the soil and a layer of protective snow in winter.

No wonder that some hikers give in to temptation and take a bouquet home with them. Picking some flowers is fine – as long as you take only a few branches and don't do it in a nature park or protected area: In South Tyrol, Alpenrose plants are partially protected, which means that they may only be picked for private use and in moderation. After all, the vibrant flowers, which year after year ring in a new summer across the Alps, are a precious gift of nature.

On your next hike across the Alpenrose-studded meadows of Merano 2000, we recommend a visit to the small mountain-top church dedicated to Oswald of Northumbria at 2.185 m above sea-level. Along the trail leading to the picturesque chapel, you will be sure to encounter some of the exquisite fiery blossoms. Enjoy your time hiking amidst this scarlet seduction – Merano 2000 awaits you!
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Where “our” pros<br>most like to train

Where “our” pros
most like to train

With long running and hiking routes in summer and varied ski slopes in winter, Merano 2000 boasts the perfect conditions for effective outdoor training and a wide range of experiences in nature.
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First rays
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