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Snow is my passion

Snow is my passion

Since I was a child, my greatest passion has always been the snow… its crystals with all their unique shapes, its taste, but above all I love the things it allows me to do on my board.

I was six, or maybe seven when it all started and like many others, I had my first snow experiences on skies doing snowplough turns. We would go to Merano 2000 frequently during the winter as it is close to my home. Back then, there we still had to take the old ropeway to get up to the slopes… which I always found exciting to take, especially for the thrill of changing cabins at the middle station.
Snow is my passion
BORN in 1989
Italian Snowboarder
Discipline: Snowboard cross
I did not stick to skiing for long though, as from the moment I discovered snowboarding there was nothing else for me. I wouldn't be able to wait for the school bell to ring and get out on the slopes to spend the whole weekend improving my technique and speed. At first, I really struggled to learn - being a bit stubborn and refusing to take lessons or a course certainly did not help it. Yet, today I can proudly claim to be a self-taught rider.

I can still recall the first time I rode down the black Mittager slope, now my favourite one in Merano 2000. I was standing at the top slightly nervous from the steep slope in front of me. Once I had tied my boot to the board and definitely after the first push, I began to feel an immense excitement which I still carry within me at every race. The thrill of high speeds, the extra boost provided by turning and the rustling of the snow under the edge of the snowboard releases emotions only known to snow-lovers.
Snow is my passion
Snow is my passion
The most satisfying achievements of my sports career so far are: The gold medal in Snowboard Cross at the Junior World Championships in 2009, the first place in the overall ranking of the World Cup Snowboard Cross in 2014, and especially the silver medal in Snowboard Cross for teams at the World Championships in 2019 in Park City (USA). I’m now working hard to achieve my next goal: winning an Olympic medal in Beijing in 2022!

All exercises and sports activities I perform throughout the year are essentially aimed at improving my physical condition and to ultimately benefit my winter performance. That’s why I spend so many hours on my
bicycle or climbing the via ferrata, while in winter I happen to do some ski touring or hang out in the Snowpark. When I find time between the training sessions I cannot help it but come home to where it all started and spend my time in the mountains.

Merano 2000: “ Omar is a very nice and approachable guy who shows great commitment as an athlete. We are happy to sponsor such an awesome champion and have him among us often, be it in his spare time as well as to our events. Don’t miss out on the chance to compete against him at the Rope race or listen to his advice during the Fitness & Brunch event in the summer!

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