Off to <br> the slopes

Off to
the slopes


You can see all the glowing red cheeks whizzing over the ski slopes, the laughing eyes and tight calves, but you, yourself, can sadly only watch on; it has been decades since the last time you went on the slopes or perhaps you never learned to ski at all. But you are never too old to learn or start all over again. Skier’s honour!
All that you need is ski equipment, a ski pass, easy practice slopes and yes, a little bit of courage. You can find everything but the latter at the Merano 2000 ski resort. The equipment can be hired at valley stations of the Ropeway Merano 2000 or Goldola Falzeben. Then off you go!
On the way up the mountain you can take a deep breath and muster up all your reserves of courage, since fear really is the biggest hurdle among adults who want to learn to ski. Whilst children simply act intuitively, we adults spend too much time thinking about things. If you have never tried skiing before at all, the best thing to do is book a few private lessons with our state-certified ski instructors. They will show you the right technique from the very beginning, will teach you one-to-one and give useful hints to ensure that learning to ski will be crowned with success.

If you have already had skiing lessons years ago, but your skills – like your skis in the down in the cellar – have gotten a little dusty in recent years, you should also book a private lesson or course. The best thing to do is go together with friends, as that will be twice as much fun. You will see that after a week’s practice you’ll be able to ski on blue (and easy red) slopes. There are conveyors and easy practice slopes at the Outdoor Kids Camp at the mountain station.
You will get to experience the absolute feeling of adventure that everyone talks about.
Admittedly, you probably won’t be an absolute skiing pro after your first skiing holiday in Merano (perhaps you won’t be the next Lindsey Vonn or able to fight it out alongside Paris, Kriechmayer or Jansrud for a spot on the podium), but you will have fun! And at last you will get to experience the absolute feeling of adventure that everyone talks about, whilst whooping it up on the ski slopes, with skis strapped to your feet and your mind feeling so wonderfully free.
The fresh snow and the breathtaking mountain panorama at Merano 2000 will do their utmost. And don’t forget to enjoy a stop afterwards in one of the huts for Kaiserschmarren pancakes, where you can also tell everyone all about your unforgettable ski slope adventures.
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Leisure Area & Habitat

Leisure Area & Habitat

The alpine scenery at Merano 2000 features picturesque alpine pastures, whose natural cultivation is not only a tradition, but also active landscape conservation.



Back then there weren’t that many leisure opportunities for young people. However, the youth section of the Alpine Club offered exactly what they were looking for: sport, experiences and adventure.
Reach your leisure time easily.
Merano 2000 Funivie Spa
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