First rays
of the sun


Standing right at the top as the first rays of light peep out from behind the mountain summits, you have the feeling that you are all alone in the world. And that is exactly why anyone who loves the mountains and nature should experience a sunrise hike once in his life.

Admittedly, it is not particularly easy to overcome one’s inner lazybones and crawl out of a warm and cosy bed early in the morning darkness, but it is well worthwhile. We promise! The magical light of the early morning bestows truly memorable moments.
One of the loveliest and most leisurely hikes is that on the Spieler, in the Merano 2000 hiking region. The hike starts in the middle of a summer’s night, with hiking boots and a head torch and driven by a goodly amount of anticipation. The starting point is Falzeben.

You’ll hike up a short steep section through the forest to the Moschwald Alm clearing. At this point you will have completed the most strenuous part of the walk. The rest is far more leisurely. The next section leads up to the Maiser Alm and to the Kreuzjöchl, where there is a small bench and a cross. From there it really is not much further to your destination.

Daybreak high up in the mountains is a little bit different from that down in the valley. When the world wakes from its sleep up there, you will experience a breathtaking natural spectacle of glowing colours and moments of absolute silence.
First rays <br> of the sun
First rays <br> of the sun
Once the night has given way to the day up on the Spieler, impressive vistas of valleys, meadows and forests open up – the Grande Picco Ivigna, the Ortler Group and even the Rosengarten. You might even find yourself in the company of the horses that spend summer up on the mountain pastures. If you have packed a picnic blanket and provisions, you can eat your breakfast up here. 

For anyone wishing to view the sunrise in the mountains from a different perspective, there is also the possibility of taking a tandem paragliding flight from Merano 2000. Participants will be driven to the Kuhleiten Hut at 2,400 metres above sea level, where they first enjoy an ample mountain breakfast as the sun rises. Then follows a paragliding flight into the valley – a sun-kissed adventure that is certain to live long in the memory.
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Leisure Area & Habitat

Leisure Area & Habitat

Lush green meadows, herds of animals grazing with relish, inviting mountain chalets: the alpine scenery of the Avelengo, Verano and Merano 2000 holiday region features picturesque alpine pastures, whose natural cultivation is not only a tradition, but also active landscape conservation.


Back then there weren’t that many leisure opportunities for young people. However, the youth section of the Alpine Club offered exactly what they were looking for: sport, experiences and adventure.
Where “our” pros<br>most like to train

Where “our” pros
most like to train

With long running and hiking routes in summer and varied ski slopes in winter, Merano 2000 boasts the perfect conditions for effective outdoor training and a wide range of experiences in nature.
Reach your leisure time easily.
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